Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best Burger in NYC...Without a doubt!

If you are looking to find, without a doubt, the BEST BURGER in NYC the only place to go is this amazing and obsessed blog: Burger Bedlam: a search for the BEST NYC Burger.

Forget New York Magazine, Time Out New York or The Village Voice...and don't even bother reading what I have to say. These cosmopolitan carnivores - Kyle and Brett - have blogged about the best burgers in town like no one else could; they are the oracles of Burgerdom, the Gods of ground cow patties, the Honchos of Hamburgers!

They walk you through their meals dissecting the treat from bun to beef with the kind of dedicated detail only a true fanatic of burgers could muster. Why reinvent the wheel? Read a few of their reviews and just go to, literally. They eaten burgers in all the boroughs, throughout the city and written about it. And there seems to be no stopping them.

I am not sure why they chose this subject for a blog, but I have to say I am bit jealous and I think they are geniuses! I am humbled.

Tell 'em I sent you. And tell me if they pointed you in the right direction!

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